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Wallingford Grange News Update for July 2016

By Dan Lauttenbach

  JULY 6, 2016 --

May 14th – Originally was to be “Gardening Know How” that was changed to the “President’s” program that Jim Lamoureux was to put on in February. Vern under Agriculture said that the late cold weather that we had late this spring destroyed the peach crop here in New England. Jim mentioned that the Durham fair was going to celebrate their 100th anniversary on June 16, 2016 at 6:30pm with a grange meeting of that period. This is because the Durham Fair was started by the Durham Grange. In Jim’s President’s day program he says that the bundling of the Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays was a relatively recent event. This was spurred by economic reasons for example to sell cars and mattresses.

May 28th – “130th Wallingford Grange Anniversary” Special Deputy Marge Bernhardt did our inspection tonight and she found that all was well. Dan gave a short program on “Keeping Kitchen Staples Fresher Longer”. On spices most people have spices that probably should be discarded. How many of us have spices on our shelves that are years old. To check freshness of spices crumble a small amount of the dried herb between your fingers and take a whiff. If it releases a lively aroma then it’s still good. If not then it’s time to restock. But if you have vanilla don’t discard it too fast. It long lasting because of its high alcohol content makes it extremely shelf stable. Tests have shown it can last up to ten years.

Meetings and Events in July:

July 9th – Annual picnic at the Grange Hall at 6pm. Bring a covered dish. Hot dogs, hamburgers and soda will be furnished. Please feel free to bring family or friends.

CT State Grange - 138th Annual Session

Thursday, October 20, 2022

More information will be released as the event gets closer.
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