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June News from Wallingford Grange

By Dan Lauttenbach

  June 8, 2016 --

June 9: “Summer Time” Program: Dan Ref: Jane

June 23: “Election of Officers and Planning Meeting” Ref: Janet

April 14: Originally “Guest speaker from the Henry Whitfield Museum: Guilford Stone House”, it was postponed to a later date to be announced.  We had a business meeting. It was nice to see Barbara and Bill Austin. Under Agriculture, Bill talked about a recent open space user’s meeting at the town hall. Janet Haller reported on getting some ads in for the fair. Then Janet did a short program on this year’s CWA program “Everything is Coming Up Roses”.

April 28: “Baking” Program. Before the meeting started the ingredients for making an American style French bread were gathered together and the oven in the kitchen was fired up to 425 degrees. The ingredients were simple, just unbleached flour, yeast, a bit of salt and water were mixed together to form a dough and then set aside to rise. Then start the meeting. After about 30 minutes the dough was punched down and placed on a little floured surface and kneaded for about 5 minutes. A little bit of flour was added so the dough wouldn’t be a sticky mess and the hands kneading the dough were soaked with water so the dough wouldn’t stick. After the kneading was done the dough was formed into a log shape and set aside again for 30 minutes. Then it was placed into the oven to bake for 20 minutes. With the meeting over, there is nothing like hot steaming bread out of the oven. It was cut up and the steam was coming out of it and the pieces were topped with fresh butter. This was just a great simple thing to do and to be able to share with everyone.

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