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Wallingford Grange News for July

By Dan Lauttenbach

  JULY 6, 2015 --

July 9:  Annual Picnic at Wallingford Grange Hall at 6pm.  Bring a covered dish.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and soda will be furnished. Please feel free to bring family or friends.

July 25:  “Ice Cream Social” Noon to 4pm.  Come on down and join us for some ice cream and for some socializing!

May 14 – “Gardening Know How” Anne Cella explained some new things to try in the garden.  One of the interesting things to try is a spiral garden.  Basically it’s something akin to a raised bed gardening.  

Where with a normal raised bed is a square or rectangle box that is filled with soil, the spiral appears at first to be a little bit more complicated but is really not too hard to do. Basically you run a barrier such as a fence in spiral on itself leaving about a foot to two feet between each turn of the barrier. Then starting from the middle fill it in and let it taper down as you work around the spiral.  Then you can plant flowers or vegetables or both on each level.  It allows you to do more within a confined space and looks very attractive.

Later we planted in our own pots tomatoes, impatiens and marigolds.  Mine are still alive after all of this dry weather; so we must have been instructed properly.

May 28 – “130th Wallingford Grange Anniversary Celebration” Vern Grant reported that we are shy almost four inches of rain this month. This has been the driest it’s been in recent memory. Besides this spring being cold for so long delaying planting time; now we are dealing with this dry weather.

Janet Haller reported that Robin McCoy and Anne Cella entered the state baking contest and that Anne would represent our grange at Let’s Celebrate.  I thought they both made great cupcakes and it was really difficult to decide on a winner.  We discussed the pricing of the fair barbecue tickets.  

We decided on $13 for an Adult ticket and $6 for a child. Now the tickets can be printed and posters can be made.  Carl and Marge Bernhardt, our Pomona deputy and state lecturer were also present.  Afterwards we all celebrated the 130th Anniversary with some chocolate anniversary cake.

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