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Wallingford Grange News for May

By Dan Lauttenbach

  MAY 6, 2015 --

March 12 – We had a lively discussion about our Fair for next fall.  Among the things we talked about:  was suggested we try adding photography as an event.  Robin has been working on getting a Master Gardener to come.  Anne has been in contact with Farmer’s Cow and they are thinking of sending two people to show.  We are also going to have an ice cream social on July 25th, noon to 4 P.M.  Joan Olschefski and her niece, Rachel, put on a St. Patrick’s Day program and we learn how important the harp is as a symbol of Irish culture and identity.  While its earliest origins are lost, the harp dates back at least 1,000 years.  The last High King of Ireland, Brian Boru (d. 1014), was said to be an accomplished player but there is no surviving evidence other than in 12th century annals referring to the harp being played during the Crusades.  During this time the Gaelic harp was revered by both Scottish and Irish kings and chieftans.  They usually had their own resident harpers who played during poetry recitals or singing of psalms.  Though they may have created their own music, it was never written down.  During the middle 1500’s the English banned the playing of the harp because it was a symbol of Irish resistance to the English.  Though in 1792, a group of harpers were lured to a traditional harp festival whereby Edward Bunting wrote down their music and methods to play the harp.  His notes were very important for later 20th century revivals of Irish harp playing.

March 26 – Janet Haller was in charge of tonight’s CWA program with help from Mary Lou Raymond, State Family Activities, of Prospect Grange.  

We had a guest speaker, Phyllis Woodmann who is a member of Heritage Quilters speak about quilting and the quilts she has made.  It turns out that she has a small family farm with a couple of horses, chickens and three sheep.  The wool from the sheep she turns into yarn.  Phyllis brought a number of quilts that were quite colorful and unique, some with her own designs.  

It was just amazing and how she managed to get all those square patches to line up in a row and she does this all by hand without a machine.  It was one of those things you have to see in order to appreciate them.

May 7:  “Gardening Know How”, Ref. Robin & Anne

May 21:  “130th Wallingford Grange Anniversary Celebration”, Ref. All Officers

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