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Wallingford Grange News for September

By Daniel M. Lauttenbach

  SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 --

July 10 – Our annual picnic at the Grange Hall started around 6:30 with Vern cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers outside on the grill.  It was great to see old and new friends and members gather around to eat and chat with one another.  There was plenty of food to go around and it was all good.

July 26 – Ice Cream Social - One of our newest members, Robin McCoy, was the force behind getting the ice cream social off the ground that was held between 2 and 5pm.  We all had fun and had a little ice cream (well maybe more than one helping!).

If you have driven by the hall lately you would have seen the flowers in containers out in the front of the hall. They have been adding a bit of color to the hall and been getting plenty of positive comments.  Robin and Anne have been taking turns in keeping them up and watering them.

Sept 11-    “Fair Work Night” Re: Dan

Sept 13 – Noon to 10pm, 80th Annual Fair featuring our Chicken Barbecue Dinner from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.  There will also be judged exhibits of vegetables, fruits, flowers, bakery goods and needlework.  There will also be vendors out on the front lawn; the popular bird house man will be there again.  Fair books are in many locations around town and there will also be a copy on-line on Craigs List, WPAA-TV and Wallingford Community websites.  To get a fair book and/or get tickets for the Dinner call Janet Haller at 203-314-6922. Tickets and books may also be picked up at Wallingford Lamp & Shade: 203-269-2135.

Sept 25 – “Installation of Officers” Re: Joan

CT State Grange - 138th Annual Session

Thursday, October 20, 2022

More information will be released as the event gets closer.
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